ONE LAB: Living Systems

The SMARTDOCK in the Brooklyn Navy yard will be a seed, metaphorically and physically. It is an educational hub that tackles real world problems and ONELAB’s values and aspirations are captured through the space by the idea of germination and how for a seed to grow it uses inputs and outputs of water, air, energy, materials, food and waste. The idea behind the space for SMARTDOCK is to go beyond the idea of “thinking, creating, and making” by making visible and increasing the understanding of interconnectedness of various resource flows and how we are part of a larger cycle of life.


Our project uses a branching system to create a network of individual systems that work together to create a “living” infrastructure that can adapt and respond to environmental conditions- maintains and creates comfort and experience throughout the building.

140801_branch_diagram_airDetail by Annie Liang

Plan by Rosa Newman

Section by Rosa Newman

Perspective by Annie Liang




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