MH17 UNITY MEMORIAL PARK [Amsterdam] – Competition Entry

MH17_TEAM 422051


The experience of flight is so far removed from the reality of flying that we cannot comprehend the mechanical power, speed, and risk of takeoff and landing. The idea of death is even further removed from our collective consciousness.

This project recreates a sense of unity from a state of loss.

Tidal changes in the IJ hide and reveal elements of the memorial, mirroring the rising and falling emotions surrounding loss; at times dissipating, at others engulfing us in a wave.


Lines of crisscrossing flight paths fill the sky, traverse continents and extend out to sea.

The western tip of the island lies the entrance to the park. The main pathway running the length of the island, gestures to the Orange Locks; forming the inner and outer border of the IJ.

Smaller pathways connect various programs; reflection pools, sloped lawns, flower fields and forested areas inspired by the Amsterdam Bos.

Progressing towards the eastern end of the island, through the Welcome Centre, the path gradually dips into the water.



Invisible vectors create patterns mirroring the complexity of onboard aircraft systems- and connecting view sheds across the water.

Visible from passing ferries, peaks of various sized granite mounds rise above the IJ.

Aligned with the main pathway is the largest mound and engraved in a single band above the water at midtide are the names of the 293 passengers organized alphabetically.

This seascape provides a space for kayaking and for honoring the lost; kayakers graze their hand against the carved out names and paddle on.

Project Leader: Annie Liang
Team Members: Tony Li, Lu Wang
& a big Thank You to Rosa Newman for helping move the project forward 😀  

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