Boston Commons | The Ridge + The Trail


This project aims to be both inward and outward looking, creating a dialogue with the Commons and with Boston being a city grounded in history. Historical significance is given to the Ridge by connecting the path to Boston’s Freedom Trail. Through cutting and filling, the ridge is built up and provide viewing platforms, while the Northern entrance has sunken rooms that allow for more intimate gatherings. Rows of Tilia Cordata along the path shelter the sunken rooms- creating a sheltered space for those passing to stop and rest. On the other side, the Ridge becomes an elevated space that provides a closer experience with the Tilia canopy across the path. The rhythm of the Tilia’s are broken by extended mounds looking into the grove of Ginkgo’s that have replaced the Baseball field. Spatially, this grove provides a backdrop for the Tillia’s while creating a more formalized space. The Gingko grove turns a brilliant glowing yellow that catch the eyes of those passing by, encouraging them to walk through as this grove provides an experience distinctive from the surrounding urban environment.


GSD MLA1 Core Studio Spring 2015- 2 Week Project [Critic- Rosetta Elkin]

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