Hello and welcome! This site offers a glimpse into my aspirations, collaborations, and explorations.

My name is Annie Liang and I’m a designer. I grew up in Vancouver, BC Canada but spent a good three years of my childhood living in Shanghai, China. More recently, I’ve travelled back to Shanghai and am amazed and terrified by the speed and efficiency of the urbanization and development the city has gone through and is undergoing.

I am a Masters of Landscape Architecture student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and am a graduate of the Environmental Design program at The University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

My experiences and interests range from food security/ policy to art/community engagement and to representing and understanding ecological systems using various media; dabbling in web, graphic and exhibition design.

My aspiration is to create a more diverse and resilient social, environmental, and political landscape through design and multidisciplinary collaboration. I believe in using design to blend art, science and policy to create a more beautiful world.

If you would like to collaborate on a project please email me: aliang@gsd.harvard.edu

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